Sunday, 20 June 2010

Revlon Photo Ready

Now there was a lot of hype about this foundation and I'm probably the millionth person to review this product but my recent experience with it has prompted me writing about it.

Over the last few weeks I have been experiencing some extreme acne due to my recent B12 shots and make up has been a massive issue and torture for me because my skin is in overdrive. One of the worst experiences I had was with Photo Ready which is normally a product I love, it usually leaves me with a flawless finish which evens out my skin and gives it a dewy glow, but, and its a big but any sign of spots or dry skin and this foundation is just awful...strong word I know.

Basically if your skin is in great condition this foundation is amazing, if you are like I am at the moment and have dry flaky skin that is suffering outbreaks of acne with an oily t-zone then I just wouldn't bother, it splits and cracks on your dry skin, and if you have oily skin it separates it does cover the redness of spots but almost enhances them drawing attention to them with the slight shimmer to the foundation.

I think once my acne clears up in a few weeks I will give it another go as I did love it before now, until then I think I may be on to a winner with Bourjois healthy mix, Its a little early to review at the moment but so far so good.

You can buy  photo ready from most pharmaceutical shops or supermarkets in the UK such as Boots for an RRP of £12.99

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I am not affiliated with any of the above mentioned companies, this product was purchased with my hard earned pennies


  1. Very helpful review! I got oily skin with dry patches, so I guess this foundation would be a big no-no for me! Thanks! :) I hope your skin clears up soon, I know the feeling...

  2. dear me. thank you so much for this review. i m going to flee this product like the plague. not at all ready to risk £13 in a product like that: this is deffo like the marmite of foundation. worse: some people buy the same bottle, same shade: some have a nice glow, some end up like a disco ball and rumour has it that not all bottles are created equal?
    i'd try this foundation, if it was given it for free lol, or for £3 max lol x