Sunday, 6 June 2010

Eyeko Mascara

Well I have only used this once (yesterday) and I already love this Eyeko mascara.

Mascara is an important part of a look it can make or break a beautiful eye look!!!

Eyeko say "this product with its B vitamins is Designed to prevent dryness, premature breakage and to promote lash growth. The brush has widely dispersed bristles for evenly coated perfectly separated long lashes"

Now some of you know that I recently discovered I have a B12 deficiency, which maybe why my eyelashes keep breaking and falling out and could be why I had some hair loss (alopecia areata) a few years back as B12 is important in hair growth and strength

Back to the Mascara, I love the tube!!! I have never seem mascara in a squeezey tube before!!! I'm guessing this comes in handy later on when it seems that the mascara is running out.

The brush was also something new...thin and with few bristles with a helter skelter esq wand looked at it like it was alien at first thinking how is this going to apply the mascara evenly and separate my lashes, I'm pleased to say that it did a very good job...I had a few clumps at first due to too much product on the brush but managed to work these out.

Once this product was on in just one layer it felt soft, comfortable and my lashes looked amazing and doll like!!! The mascara is super black, smooth to apply and easy to work in...I'm hoping that this product lives up to its nourishing description. I will keep you posted on if my lashes look and feel any healthier in a few weeks.

Eyeko mascara is £8 and is available from:

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I am not affiliated with Eyeko , this product was brought with my very own hard earned pennies

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  1. Interesting!! Very interesting!!!! :D Could you please post a pic of before and after? :)