Friday, 28 January 2011

I have moved!

Hi lovelies!

Just a quick note to say that I have been busy writing over on my new blog since mid December, the move has done me a world of good and it is much more bout me rather than just beauty products.

On my new blog you will be able to catch up with my Makeup School journey, listen to some of my favourite songs, read about my dates, the good and the bad times, basically it is my online diary, I will be doing some makeup reviews however at the moment my priority is establishing my music interests and makeup school story. I want to get some structure to it before doing reviews, plus I am super busy working on both my new and old career!

I do hope you will pop over for a look, I feel it is far more appropriate for me to be blogging about my life in general at the moment and all the things I love, after all blogging is all about having fun, learning about things you might otherwise pass by and getting to know people.

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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Oxfam Oxjam - Southampton - Help needed!

Hi All

So it has been a while and now I am back I need your help with an event one of my very close friends is running this Sunday 24/10/10 in Southampton. The event is called Oxjam, this is a music event that is in conjunction with Oxfam, below is an open letter from the lovely Debbie explaining it more.

I am asking for donations of any kind for a raffle, I am trying to get a make up bundle together as they need more prizes! to raise more money! please email me for information on where to send your donations or if you would like Debbie's contact details.

I am the Fundraising coordinator for this years Oxjam Music Takeover event which will be happening across multiple music venues in Southampton this October 24th. Oxjam is a music festival made up of hundreds of events around the UK. Oxjam events are organised by people who know and love your local music scene. All in aid of Oxfam. Since 2006, more than 36,000 musicians have played to an audience of over 750,000 people at almost 3,000 Oxjam events, raising in excess of £1 million to fight poverty around the world.
To help attract the best quality acts to play at the event, we are seeking sponsorship of the event and prizes to give away in a raffle

We are aiming to raise £10,000 for Oxfam .
There will be many events throughout the summer leading up to the main Oxjam Takeover, and the Takeover event will be featured heavily in the local press - we already have two local radio stations signed up to broadcast from the event, the local paper will also be involved as will plenty of other local media. The main event will include multiple venues which will include a live band zone, a DJ zone and a late night zone.
If you are able to support us, we will be very pleased to include a grateful acknowledgment in all media material that we produce, with mentions in the local media too. Obviously the size of any donations/ Sponsorship will be reflected in the size of the acknowledgments.

It would be great if you could help in any way.
Kind Regards

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Monday, 20 September 2010

Hi ho hi ho it's off to Makeup School I go!

Those of you who know me know how much I have been wanting to train as a makeup artist

So it was with rather large leap of faith (and a HUGE smile on my face) that I have booked myself on a course for 15 weeks (part time) that I start in January, all going well I can then start to advertise my freelance services!

I am super excited and cant wait to get my kit, and if any of you lovelies can recommend useful items you think I may need then please do

This time next year we'll be millionaires, well not quite but a very happy little lady

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Monday, 16 August 2010


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Monday, 2 August 2010

Dieting...The Key to Happiness?

Hello my name is Lisa and I am a yoyo dieter

We are a nation obsessed by the ideal I think 90% of the people I know are on diets...The other 10% are men!!! The media imprint a image of perfection upon us from an early age, but does having the perfect body make you happy, is it worth it?

Since the age of 16 I have been on a fruitless search for the perfect body, I have done many diets that have culminated in failure and as I get older, at 26, I have become a better person, I am proud of my body and who I am yet I still feel the pressure to fit in to those Topshop jeans!!! 

I'm currently doing Weight Watchers and have lost 11.5lbs. Although there are certain freedoms with this diet I hate going out with my friends for dinner and having to calculate points in my head thinking "oh I don't have enough points for that carbonara so I'll have the boring tomato pasta...Yawn!".

I have become obsessed by points and I'm constantly badgering people "Oh do you know how many points are in that double decker?" 4.5 in case you are wondering...

I'm starting to wonder, does dieting and depriving yourself of certain pleasures, especially in social situations, make you happy? Will I end up a size 10, beautiful, svelte, sexy and miserable?

I am a happy size 14 at the moment, I have a beautiful hourglass figure and I know what suits me, I wasn't built for mini skirts (my large inherited thighs have seen to that), but my happiness dosen't revolve around a mini skirt! My happiness comes from being sociable with my friends, having that slice of cheese cake whilst catching up over a coffee or going out and having a few too many vodkas!!!

So my decision: Carry on with Weight Watchers but give myself the freedom to let loose if I see fit, If I don't loose for one week so what? Its not the end of the world...Perfection is over rated anyway!

What are your dieting experiences, Are you obsessed by calories, is obsession with points bordering on an eating disorder?

Now where are the biscuits (rich tea of course)!!!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Twilight Saga Cashes In

I was looking for a cheap alternative to MAC Fix+ when I came across several makeup lines that are seem to be using the twilight saga as a marketing tool...Very clever!!!

I decided that I just had to try these products what with the pending release of Eclipse. Unfortunately due to certain circumstances this is the first opportunity I have had to write this review and Eclipse has been released (I loved it by the way), however I thought I should still do this post.

I brought two eyeshadows from the Volturi Twilight range and a lip staining balm from the Lunar Twilight range

As you can see the packaging is very classy looking giving it an expensive feel upon opening the boxes the theme of the packaging continues, I especially like the lipstick case with a sillouette of a tree on it.

So the eyeshadows, I got Dusk (left) and Dawn (right). My first complaint about this product is that I think all loose eyeshadows should come with a sifter and these don't, secondly they are not very finely milled which causes a lot of fall out. Saying that the colour pay off is fab and Dusk is a very unique dark purple shimmer shade almost with a pinkish aubergine colour running through it. Dawn is a neutral gold tone very pretty and shimmery.

The lip staining balm is in the shade lullaby, is a coral esq shade with a pink accent, it isn't as sheer as the name may suggest but maybe not as pigmented as a lipstick, it is very moisturising mainly down to almond oils within the bullet and has a good staying power my one complaint is the smell it smells like a £2.00 lipstick, which it was not, in fact other than my MAC lipstick its its the most expensive lipstick I own.

Lunar Twilight lip stain priced £9.50
Voulturi Twilight loose eyehadows priced from £4.50

In my opinion these are novelty purchases, I don't expect that anyone would repurchase, this is just another marketing ploy to cash in on the phenomenon of Twilight, and frankly there are better products out there.

Both these brands are available on Beauty bay, I wouldn't recommend Beauty Bay as I had a hell of a on going complaint with them about this package, however I have since found these on Asos

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Beautiful Bangles

The Asos sale sucked me in, I got some very pretty things but my favourite buys were my large statement bangles

I have always liked bangles with writing on them, I have a few so when I saw these I had to have them, they are big, chunky and bold, the black reads 'VIXEN' and the cream reads 'PROMISE'. I always wear written bangles so that if you hold your hand up they are the right way round for people to read...That's a personal preference I guess. Both are wooden and are currently £4.00 each in the sale (were £6.00)

I love green, that's why I get called Poddington pea so when I saw this peacock bangle I instantly needed it in my life...Its metal and its hollow which I didn't expect but I love it you have to be insane if you don't!!! This bangle is currently £3.00 in the sale (was £7.00)

So have you been sucked in by the sale? I think I resisted well and didnt spend too much...Well for me

Asos is an online store you can visit here (warning you could spend your wages)

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