Sunday, 6 June 2010

L'oreal Perfect Clean

This is a product that I wasn't sure I would like...But it is gaining favor with me!!!

It comes with a scrublet which is the part I was dubious about, can a bit of rubber really help deep clean your pores and minimise them??? I have noticed a reduction in the hideous black heads, whether this is down to the formula or the scrublet??? I cant be sure at the moment

I chose to get the foaming gentle scrub, exfoliating for all skin types as I suffer with dry and oily patches. It smells beautiful, like mango's and really wakes me up. So how do you use this strange item...well the scrublet comes attached to the container and to get it out you just pop it from the back, you then (after wetting your face) apply some of the product to the scublet and work over the face in a circular motion then wash off your face and the scrublet and popping it back in its little hole on the bottle!

More on the scrublet...I was surprised by it, when you see it on the adverts it looks hard and abrasive and this is the reason I hadn't brought it sooner, but in actual fact it is really soft and flexible and does stimulate the face, I do however believe that this product would work just as well on its own and that the scrublet is just a fancy marketing tool.

Overall I really like this product and the scent, I'm not sure on its exfoliating properties...My go to exfoliator will always be St Ives I think!!!

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The word scrublet is mentioned 7 times in this blog post, make that 8!!!
I am not affiliated with any of the above mentioned companies, this product was purchased with my hard earned pennies

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  1. LOL scrublet!! Have you used the scrublet with another face wash to see if it's the scrublet or L'Oreal's face wash that makes a difference to your skin? :)