Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Hello my lovelies...

Well I have been off the radar due to a very emotional and strained few weeks, add in to the mix a CV update and job hunting 2 hours a night and I'm as much use as a chocolate teapot (and still just as tasty according to the horseflies and mossies of this world) to anyone.

I'm hoping to resume normal service next week so please don't show me the door just yet...I'm still here I just needed some time

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Sunday, 4 July 2010

A staple in any household - E45 Cream

As a suffer of a multitude of skin problems my household is full of lotions and potions, some well loved some used once and now getting dusty in a draw somewhere.

There is one skim product that I would say everyone should own, that is E45

E45 is a great product for many skin conditions such as eczema...It is cheaper than a steroid cream and a lot healthier to, If used over a period of time a steroid cream will thin your skin if you then stop using the steroid cream and your skin has thinned this could lead to worse outbreaks of the problem. E45 is an emollient cream so unlike the steroid creams this is designed to soften the skin as it sooths, you can use this anywhere on to body, it is available in a variety of sizes from big tubs to keep on your dresser to small tubes to chuck in your bag.

My only complaint is that it isn't nice smelling, I cant describe the smell its not very appealing, I think its the paraffin that makes it smell strange as it is un-perfumed, other than that it is an amazing product and it keeps my hands lovely and soft.

I am not a dermatologist and this is merely my opinion, if you are suffering from a sever bout of eczema or any skin condition please consult your doctor

E45 is available in all good chemists and supermarkets

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I am not affiliated with any of the above mentioned companies, this product was purchased with my hard earned pennies

NOTD Models Own Gun Metal Grey

Not a very summery shade I know but I fell for this polish because it matches my hematite (thanks for the name of it Pamela!) ring from Australia

Its a beautiful silver grey with a shimmer running through...Not glitter, I have stopped wearing glitter polishes at the moment because taking hem off is torture!!! This colour would suit a short style nail, mine are a mid length I would say.

I like this polish as it will last me a week matching every outfit I wear and as I have a busy week and no time to paint my nails that's perfect for me this week!!!

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I am not affiliated with any of the above mentioned companies, this product was purchased with my hard earned pennies

Saturday, 3 July 2010

FOTD Think Pink

I used to hate pink...I mean really hate pink....but lately where my makeup is concerned (not the clothes I have to say) I have started to think pink, getting girly and gorgeous...I feel like that sounds like something Gok Wan would say GIRLFRIEND!!! Haha

I have found Pink eye makeup makes my hazel eyes sparkle bright

Lets start with the face!
  • I used Healthy Mix by Bourjois in 54 Beige, this is my favourite foundation at the moment and as I have a fake tan I needed the 54 (I usually use a 52 Light Vanilla) I am so in love with this product, best thing I have tried with my recent skin issues, and believe me I have tried a tone...In fact I have more foundations than a small country!!! 
  • elf Tone Correcting concealer in Honey, I don't know why I ever brought such a dark concealer, this is the first time I have used it in all the time I have had it (It was in my first elf order!!!) Slightly darker than my foundation but I like it and for £1.50 cant go wrong!!! Plus all my others are too light!!!
  • followed with a dusting of 17 Shine Control Loose Powder, I love that this doesn't go cakey on my face it is so lightweight and perfect for everyday...A truly fantastic bargain product and better than any HD powder in my opinion (this might be down to my skin issues as HD highlights all my flaws!!!).
  • On my cheeks I used elf Mineral Blush in Coral, I forgot how much I used to enjoy this product, its really subtly beautiful, not the most bold of blushes but I have to say really gives a beautiful natural glow
  • As in my previous FOTD I used elf Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder Luminance as a highlight and the Matte bronzer as a contour, I like to think my contouring is getting better...Hope so.

On to the eyes!!
  • Start where I always do...Primer, again I used my UDPP...This product will change your life, maybe that's a tad of an exaggeration...I am not saying if you buy this you will marry a young hot millionaire who is ripped!!!
  • for my lid I used my Sleek Sunset pallet its the only pink in the pallet, bottom row far right, the sunset pallet is my favourite (at the moment) in my sleek collection just for the stunning range of summer colours, I brought one for my friends birthday and she loved it.
  • I then used Models Own Loose Powder Eyeshadow in Rhubarb in my crease, its a kind of pinkish purple shimmer...very pretty and unique
  • on my lower lash line and inner corner I used Models Own Loose Powder Eyeshadow in peach, another great product from Models Own works really well to brighten and widen the eyes.
  • For my highlight I used my Sue Moxley Shade 1 Eyeshadow its a basic beige nothing exciting but does a great job without being too harsh like a white.
  • My faithful elf cream eyeliner in black...Super staying power for these hot summer days.
  • Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara, Its lush and really buildable.
  • My brows as always using the 17 natural brown pencil (although they do not look good in this pic taken after 5 hours of wearing...Sorry!!!).
 Lets do the pout!!!
  • I started using a lip primer a while ago by Sue Moxley Famous...I remember now why I stopped using it...It STINKS!!! It really smells awful clinical mixed with plastic...YUCK!!!
  • Took off the above and put on elf's Plump and Prime, just the plump end...This doesnt have as much sting as some of the plump products I have used (Too Faced made me feel like my lips were being ripped from my face!!!) 
  • Followed by elf Mineral Lipstick in Barely Bitten...Oooo mineral lipstick is fantabulous...It lasts and for a lipstick doesn't make my lips feel dried out.
  • I then used a 17 freebee...if you spend over £6 at the moment you get a box with a polish, travel mascara and a gloss...I really like the gloss I didn't own a gloss like it and it brings down the redness of the lipstick...Its called Ultimate Volume Gloss in Pink Ice
And there you have it...My FOTD...I hope you enjoy it!!!

Oh and just one for luck...This photo made me laugh

Models own available here
Eyeko available here
Elf available here
17 and Urban Decay available UK wide in Boots stores
Famous by Sue Moxley and Sleek available UK wide in Superdrug stores
Bourjois widely available in most chemists and supermarkets

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