Sunday, 27 June 2010

FOTD Summer Sunshine

Oooo my it was a scorcher yesterday!!! Summer is definitely here my sweets and its time to get those colours popping!!!

If you have been reading my posts for a while you will know I love coral, and it really is perfect for the weather we are having, I am feeling very adventurous with my make up at the moment and I think it is paying off (well most of the time!!!)

I did this look for a night out, I'm sure it could be toned down for a day time look but my day looks blur in to night, what can I say I love to walk in to work and shock people (in a good way I would hope) with my make up!!!

for this look I used
  • a mix of 17 skin perfecting shine free foundation, in biscuit and Rimmel sun shimmer instant tan in sun bronze, I find this such a cost effective base for when I am tanning as my face never goes as dark as the rest of me...If anyone can help me with this that would be fab!!!
  • 17 (I'm loving the 17 range at the moment great improvements made) shine control loose powder which is a translucent, great summer product, keeps away the slick look that you can get but still leaves the glow of your foundation.
  • Another 17 product!!! (Boots you are my playground!!!) 17 blush and glow in peaches and cream, this has become a staple item in my makeup routine of late, it is subtly gorgeous and if you build it up it gives a wonderful glow, I use in on my cheek bones, found it doesn't really work on the apples when I have a tan.
  • Elf luminance healthy glow bronzing powder as a highlight on the tops of my cheek bones, down my nose, on my chin anywhere the sun would hit...I reviewed this a few weeks ago, you can find it here
  • Elf matte bronze healthy glow bronzing powder, used sparingly as a contour for the cheeks...I'm still getting used to this product and find some days its good some days its too much...I need to get it right though as I know I can!!!
  • elf Warm bronze for my temples and the apples of my cheeks, perfect to add a bit of depth to my fake tan.
  • On to my eyes, as a standard I always prime my eyes with Urban Decay primer potion...What can I say, this should be a staple in every girls make up bag, primers are great for making your colours have that extra hit and stay on for longer.
  • I used Models Own loose eyeshadows in proper copper  for my lid, metallic coral for my crease and pale peach for my inner corners, these loose powders are fantastic, I would compare them with Urban Decay, they are super pigmented and come in so many fabulous popping colours, just like their polishes (you may be able to spot a few in the back of my photo!!!).
  • As a brow bone highlight I used Famous by Sue Moxley in shade 1 (I hate it when companies are too lazy to name their products!!!) it is one on my favourite staples as it is a nice light beige so not as harsh as a stark white. 
  • Elf cream eyeliner in black...again a product I love, really easy to apply and stays put on my watery eyes.
  • Eyeko big eyes mascara...I blogged this the other week also (you can find it here) and have noticed that my eyelashes look and feel healthier using this mascara, It really has improved my little stumpy lashes.
  • For my brows I used 17 eyebrow shaper in natural brown, some think my brows are too dark but I love a strong looking brow...Opinions???
  • on my lips I had my first try of a models own lippie...I used coral, use it wisely it is really orangey but totally on trend and absolutely stunning with a tan, its a really nice smooth textured matte lipstick that lasted quite well.
Slightly long winded but feel if I'm telling you what I'm using you need some detail right

Models own available here
Eyeko available here
Elf available here
17 and Rimmel available UK wide in boots stores
Famous by Sue Moxley exclusive to Superdrug

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Sunday, 20 June 2010

A Shower of Appreciation

I was having a shower this morning (too much information???) and I thought to myself why have I never reviewed my shower cream before...I bloomin well love it and haven't changed it in like 8 months (very unlike me)!!!

The product is called Clean Girls by Soap and Glory
This stuff is lush!!! This is just simply put the best shower cream on the planet...FACT...If you don't have it here is why you need it...

The packaging is perfectly divine (and large at 500ml)...It is cute and funny and when you read it it sounds like its talking to you like a friend would...for example this is a waring on the pack 'people may have sung songs about when soap gets in your eyes, but we wouldn't recommend getting experimental on us (this isn't the '60s)'
How blooming cute is that!!! Next it smells divine a heady flowery aroma with a hint of vanilla, it also has moisturising qualities with its 'built in moisture matrix' which means if you are in a rush (aka every work morning) you don't necessarily need to spend time moisturising, and lastly it is slightly pearlised (is that a word...I'm not sure it is) which gives your skin a slight glow, this might be down to the moisturisers but I don't know.

If I was to rate this product I would give it a perfect 10...I basically love it and cant see myself using anything else...ever...

Soap and Glory is available in the UK from Boots stores and costs £5.50 ...Get down and get some before I hoard a lifetimes supply!!!

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I am not affiliated with any of the above mentioned companies, this product was purchased with my hard earned pennies

Becoming a Models Own Junkie

I have said it before and I'll say it again I love my models own polishes...I really do

This week I was pleased to receive my latest order 5 polishes and 5 eyeshadows

I ordered  from left to right
Fuzzy Peach
Jade Stone
Lemon Meringue
Green Tea
Raspberry crush
Metallic Lavender
Pale Peach
Purple Sky

So far this week I have used 3 of the polishes and all of the eyeshadows...The Models Own polishes never cease to amaze me they are so beautiful and bright, the selection is just so versatile and different.

Here I wear Lemon Meringue...This would look amazing with a tan
And my power polish for a meeting on Monday, something to knock 'em dead Raspberry Crush
This colour is a definite winner and the perfect accompaniment to my black high waisted pencil skirt

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I am not affiliated with any of the above mentioned companies, this product was purchased with my hard earned pennies

Revlon Photo Ready

Now there was a lot of hype about this foundation and I'm probably the millionth person to review this product but my recent experience with it has prompted me writing about it.

Over the last few weeks I have been experiencing some extreme acne due to my recent B12 shots and make up has been a massive issue and torture for me because my skin is in overdrive. One of the worst experiences I had was with Photo Ready which is normally a product I love, it usually leaves me with a flawless finish which evens out my skin and gives it a dewy glow, but, and its a big but any sign of spots or dry skin and this foundation is just awful...strong word I know.

Basically if your skin is in great condition this foundation is amazing, if you are like I am at the moment and have dry flaky skin that is suffering outbreaks of acne with an oily t-zone then I just wouldn't bother, it splits and cracks on your dry skin, and if you have oily skin it separates it does cover the redness of spots but almost enhances them drawing attention to them with the slight shimmer to the foundation.

I think once my acne clears up in a few weeks I will give it another go as I did love it before now, until then I think I may be on to a winner with Bourjois healthy mix, Its a little early to review at the moment but so far so good.

You can buy  photo ready from most pharmaceutical shops or supermarkets in the UK such as Boots for an RRP of £12.99

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I am not affiliated with any of the above mentioned companies, this product was purchased with my hard earned pennies

Sunday, 13 June 2010

NOTD - Eyeko Cosmic

I am new to the Eyeko polishes and this is my first proper wear of one of the cult classic selection I brought. For £14.00 you get 5 polishes in this set and this was my favourite choice out of them all. I have never seen anything like it before (I have possibly been living the the shadows but hey ho)

I love the variety of sparkles in this black opaque polish, they are tiny particles in a rainbow of colours. Although with this polish I experienced some drag and it wasn't quite the consistency I like (slightly watery definitely need at least 2 coats maybe 3) but it looks absolutely stunning so the pay off is worth the extra effort!!!

Look how stunning it is under a flash, this is 2 top coat...I didn't have time :0(

 This polish is definitely cosmic, great for a night out or as an alternative to a plain black nail...

Eyeko polishes are available here for £3.50 each or in sets of 5 (cosmic is in cult classics) for £14.00

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Sunday, 6 June 2010

L'oreal Perfect Clean

This is a product that I wasn't sure I would like...But it is gaining favor with me!!!

It comes with a scrublet which is the part I was dubious about, can a bit of rubber really help deep clean your pores and minimise them??? I have noticed a reduction in the hideous black heads, whether this is down to the formula or the scrublet??? I cant be sure at the moment

I chose to get the foaming gentle scrub, exfoliating for all skin types as I suffer with dry and oily patches. It smells beautiful, like mango's and really wakes me up. So how do you use this strange item...well the scrublet comes attached to the container and to get it out you just pop it from the back, you then (after wetting your face) apply some of the product to the scublet and work over the face in a circular motion then wash off your face and the scrublet and popping it back in its little hole on the bottle!

More on the scrublet...I was surprised by it, when you see it on the adverts it looks hard and abrasive and this is the reason I hadn't brought it sooner, but in actual fact it is really soft and flexible and does stimulate the face, I do however believe that this product would work just as well on its own and that the scrublet is just a fancy marketing tool.

Overall I really like this product and the scent, I'm not sure on its exfoliating properties...My go to exfoliator will always be St Ives I think!!!

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The word scrublet is mentioned 7 times in this blog post, make that 8!!!
I am not affiliated with any of the above mentioned companies, this product was purchased with my hard earned pennies

New Followers!!!

Welcome all my New Followers!!! I don't know where you all came from suddenly but I'm really pleased to have you...Its really is worth doing!!!

I know that I am still in the small numbers but I love that I have hit the 20's!!!

If you are reading this and not a follower please do follow its simple and easy to do and blogger will keep you up-to-date with all my posts!!!

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NOTD - Models Own Lilac Dream

I'm not sure this should be nail of the day but nail of the week...I don't change my polish daily so like them to be long lasting.

I have been in love with the Models Own polishes for a few months now and have to say this is my favourite of their range so far, I have a few other lilacs from other brands but nothing can beat this one, the amount that people complement me on this never fails to make me feel even stronger about it!!!

This is 3 coats (plus base and top) and it is beautiful, long lasting with very little drag, it is my perfect pastel for spring/summer to wear with my flowery vests and dresses for an extremely girly season!!!

Models Own Polishes are £5 each and available at Boots (3 for 2 at the moment!!!) or here:

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Eyeko Mascara

Well I have only used this once (yesterday) and I already love this Eyeko mascara.

Mascara is an important part of a look it can make or break a beautiful eye look!!!

Eyeko say "this product with its B vitamins is Designed to prevent dryness, premature breakage and to promote lash growth. The brush has widely dispersed bristles for evenly coated perfectly separated long lashes"

Now some of you know that I recently discovered I have a B12 deficiency, which maybe why my eyelashes keep breaking and falling out and could be why I had some hair loss (alopecia areata) a few years back as B12 is important in hair growth and strength

Back to the Mascara, I love the tube!!! I have never seem mascara in a squeezey tube before!!! I'm guessing this comes in handy later on when it seems that the mascara is running out.

The brush was also something new...thin and with few bristles with a helter skelter esq wand looked at it like it was alien at first thinking how is this going to apply the mascara evenly and separate my lashes, I'm pleased to say that it did a very good job...I had a few clumps at first due to too much product on the brush but managed to work these out.

Once this product was on in just one layer it felt soft, comfortable and my lashes looked amazing and doll like!!! The mascara is super black, smooth to apply and easy to work in...I'm hoping that this product lives up to its nourishing description. I will keep you posted on if my lashes look and feel any healthier in a few weeks.

Eyeko mascara is £8 and is available from:

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Luminance By elf

If I only had two minutes to get ready in the morning there are 3 products I would need, Mascara, lipgloss and this healthy glow bronzer by elf in Luminance 

 Luminance is part of the core £1.50 range (Studio and Mineral are more expensive but still great value)

this is so good that since discovering it I haven't gone a day without it (other than a makeup free one!).

I use it anywhere the sun might hit so on the tops of my cheekbones, down my nose on my chin and a little on my forehead, even though it is described as a bronzer I wouldn't use it as such for me it is a definite highlight product

Luminance has a wonderful glow to it that give a dewy look, and the powder is soft and silky not glittery but shimmery.

One thing I will say is don't over do it with this product too much and you can end up looking like a walking shimmer brick...Less is definitely more where this product is concerned!!!

So value for money, oh yes at £1.50 I will never be without this product!!!

elf Healthy Glow Bronzer Link:

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