Monday, 17 May 2010

There's no Place Like Home...

Set the scene....My mum gets her acrylic nails done by a mobile nail technician and the other day I came home to find my mum having her nails done by said technician...I was instantly drawn to a big silver case full to the brim with a spectrum of colourful polishes...I was like a kid in a candy store swatching all over my already polished nails...I asked her what her fave brand was to which she replied China Glaze...I had one of their polishes so was aware of the name, I would say they are a cheap alternative to OPI, but I don't know much about polish so please don't scorn me if I'm wrong on this!!! she then went on to say that her favourite colour was ruby pumps from the China Glaze Wizard of Ooos and Ahhhs Collection and told me that it was in there somewhere...Instantly this beauty caught my eye...I knew that only that could be called ruby pumps...I was in love...So today I got my butt to Sally's and brought this little bottle of beautiful...

2 coats of Ruby Pumps by China Glaze without flash

2 coats of Ruby Pumps by China Glaze with flash
To describe this I would say it is a beautiful ruby red (of course) with tiny particles of red glitter, let me tell you now it is not your regular glitter polish...It is jam packed with the stuff in one coat all you can see is glitter!!! It is slightly opaque, letting the layers of glitter sparkle through and add depth, this polish is not for the faint hearted!!! I loved how smooth it went on...I am normally traumatized when putting on glitter polishes as I end up with patchiness...This was on quickly and with ease.

I am truly in love with this polish my new favourite by a mile...I'm just not that keen on taking it off...Glitter polish is always a horror for me as all the glitter rips the cotton wool and sets my teeth on edge, but for now I'll enjoy the beauty of it and hope the sun shines so I can sparkle!!!

China Glaze can be brought at beauty supply stores such as Sally's for £5.99 per bottle

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  1. Oh how cute!! I wish there was a Sally near me. Agree with your comment about glitter ripping up the cotton wool lol. Xxx

  2. Oh i so love ruby pumps...its such a gorgeous color...and china glaze is quite expensive but they do the most amazing colors xx