Monday, 31 May 2010

May Bargain Buy

I recently purchased a £2.99 mascara that was on offer for only £1.99 (avalible at superdrug) and I have been so happy with it I felt that it deserved a blog slot.

The product in question is NYC Sky Rise Lengthening Mascara in 843 Carbon

Does it give 60% more length like it says it offers...No but lets face it all these mascaras claim to do wonders and fail unless you are using lash inserts. but it does separate amazingly well as promised.

Why am I so impressed with this product then...Well...This is a really black really soft feeling mascara that does manage to give my stumpy little lashes some length (Not 60%)

This is also my first non waterproof mascara in a long time, I am trying to get my lashes to a good condition were they stop breaking or falling out and so far I have noticed less of both these conditions I suffer with, this could be down to the fact that the mascara isn't waterproof but I think its down to the light formula, my lashes feel so soft and comfortable no irritation from rouge flakes of mascara which for me is a common issue with some of my favourite formulas.

I am normally a snob when it comes to mascara, I believe in paying double figures for a perfect mascara as it is a very important product but this mascara (along with a elf waterproof mascara) has truly changed my mind, I love it and the way it looks, OK so I don't get the volume I get with my bad gal by benefit but this is definitely my new go to weekday/daytime mascara.

Overall this is my Bargain buy for May and I cant wait to try some more NYC products.

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  1. ooo what a bargain will have to purchse i think...following your blog now xxx great review

  2. Thank you Pinkhair...Always nice to have new followers!!! Hope you enjoy!!! xxx