Sunday, 1 August 2010

Twilight Saga Cashes In

I was looking for a cheap alternative to MAC Fix+ when I came across several makeup lines that are seem to be using the twilight saga as a marketing tool...Very clever!!!

I decided that I just had to try these products what with the pending release of Eclipse. Unfortunately due to certain circumstances this is the first opportunity I have had to write this review and Eclipse has been released (I loved it by the way), however I thought I should still do this post.

I brought two eyeshadows from the Volturi Twilight range and a lip staining balm from the Lunar Twilight range

As you can see the packaging is very classy looking giving it an expensive feel upon opening the boxes the theme of the packaging continues, I especially like the lipstick case with a sillouette of a tree on it.

So the eyeshadows, I got Dusk (left) and Dawn (right). My first complaint about this product is that I think all loose eyeshadows should come with a sifter and these don't, secondly they are not very finely milled which causes a lot of fall out. Saying that the colour pay off is fab and Dusk is a very unique dark purple shimmer shade almost with a pinkish aubergine colour running through it. Dawn is a neutral gold tone very pretty and shimmery.

The lip staining balm is in the shade lullaby, is a coral esq shade with a pink accent, it isn't as sheer as the name may suggest but maybe not as pigmented as a lipstick, it is very moisturising mainly down to almond oils within the bullet and has a good staying power my one complaint is the smell it smells like a £2.00 lipstick, which it was not, in fact other than my MAC lipstick its its the most expensive lipstick I own.

Lunar Twilight lip stain priced £9.50
Voulturi Twilight loose eyehadows priced from £4.50

In my opinion these are novelty purchases, I don't expect that anyone would repurchase, this is just another marketing ploy to cash in on the phenomenon of Twilight, and frankly there are better products out there.

Both these brands are available on Beauty bay, I wouldn't recommend Beauty Bay as I had a hell of a on going complaint with them about this package, however I have since found these on Asos

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  1. Hey sweetie

    Wow i love these shadows but I am a sucker for glitter lol! Off to ASOS to check them out lol

    t x