Sunday, 1 August 2010

Bandwagon Makeup

There is a massive hype at the moment regarding the revamp of Boots makeup like 17, no longer is this a line that is bypassed as a line for kids to spend their pocket money on. 17 have improved their products, range and the packaging is sleek and beautiful.

If you have read previous blog posts of mine you will see I'm having a little love affair with 17 products at the moment, the quality for the price is amazing I fully recommend popping in to boots to check out all the vibrant colours of their eyeshadows and quality of their foundations & blushers.

My favourite 17 product at the moment is the mirror shine lipstick in Bee Hive, this is a product that I saw lots of the beauty bloggers I follow raving about, and they weren't wrong!!!

If you want high pigmented lips then perhaps this isn't for you, Bee Hive gives me a lovely natural lip with added gloss meaning I only need one product instead of a lippie and a gloss on top, also a lot of the time as I have dark hair and fair skin a natural lip can wash me out but the pinkish undertones in this lipstick stop the washout look. This is by far my favourite natural looking lipstick but then again I don't own many due to my love of bright pinks and reds.

Would I recommend this product? Yes I love it, I have worn it to work everyday since buying it, maybe neutral lips is my new thing

17 can be found at boots stores across the UK

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