Sunday, 4 July 2010

A staple in any household - E45 Cream

As a suffer of a multitude of skin problems my household is full of lotions and potions, some well loved some used once and now getting dusty in a draw somewhere.

There is one skim product that I would say everyone should own, that is E45

E45 is a great product for many skin conditions such as eczema...It is cheaper than a steroid cream and a lot healthier to, If used over a period of time a steroid cream will thin your skin if you then stop using the steroid cream and your skin has thinned this could lead to worse outbreaks of the problem. E45 is an emollient cream so unlike the steroid creams this is designed to soften the skin as it sooths, you can use this anywhere on to body, it is available in a variety of sizes from big tubs to keep on your dresser to small tubes to chuck in your bag.

My only complaint is that it isn't nice smelling, I cant describe the smell its not very appealing, I think its the paraffin that makes it smell strange as it is un-perfumed, other than that it is an amazing product and it keeps my hands lovely and soft.

I am not a dermatologist and this is merely my opinion, if you are suffering from a sever bout of eczema or any skin condition please consult your doctor

E45 is available in all good chemists and supermarkets

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I am not affiliated with any of the above mentioned companies, this product was purchased with my hard earned pennies

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