Sunday, 28 February 2010

Number 9 Product Well Products!!!

Hi All 

Sorry in the delay of my number 9 product, been quite hectic with work and other hobbies that have taken me away from my countdown!

Ok so in at number 9 is actually 2 products but used together they are amazing!!!

Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo and conditioner


These products smell devine (almost bubble gum sweet!!!) and are very light in desity, especially the conditioner which is the lightest I have ever found!!! with macadamia nut extract that promises to condition and certianly doesnt fail!!!
I have a naturally dry scalp and so if a product is to harsh, abbrasive or heavy I get really bad dandruff...Not attractive!!! However I have been using Aussie on and off for 3 years and I might try new products but I always go back to this trusted brand because I have never had any trouble with it, I used another product for a few months recently and my hair was like straw, as soon as I went back to Aussie I noticed an immidiate difference and after a few months my hair is back in good condition.

A few personal tips for hair washing...
  • Try not to wash your hair everyday, I wash mine 1 day leave it a day and wash again on the 3rd day...Sounds dirty or horrible??? Well if you wash your hair too often it doesnt have the time to produce all those good natural oils...and without them your hair will weaken and break more easily
  • When applying conditioner dont over do it...Less is more use too much and you will experience dandruff grease and if you dont was it out thoughly then the hair cant breath
  • Apply an intensive conditioner at least once a week (I use Aussie 3 min miracle)
  • Brush your hair before you wash it, this will help with combing after, less breakages!!!
Hope you enjoyed reading, please comment! 


  1. I love Miracle Moist...I love the smell of it...and how it makes my hair feel...gorgeous!

    Here's another tip: Wet your hair for at least 3 minutes before washing (you'll use less product)...and when you think you've finished rinsing...give it that one last extra rinse. Because when products aren't washed out thoroughly, that can contribute to a itchy scalp.

  2. Oooo good tip Thanks for the addition...I spend forever rinsing my hair as its soooo thick!!!