Sunday, 28 February 2010

Number 8 Must Have

Hi guys so thought I wold post twice today to make up for my lack of daily blogs!!!

So my number 8 product is...elf candy shop lip gloss tins


I have these tins in several colours and keep them in bags, at work, in draws...Anywhere and everywhere!!!
I find these little tins so conveinent, they slide open so you dont have to hold the lid whilst appying, the lid stays attached...This doesnt sound much but the fact that you cant lose the lid or drop it is a bonus for me!!!

Each lip gloss tin smells different, my favorite smell is candy fix as it smells like chocolate!!! each tin is also tinted, my favorite tint is cherry bomb, its a nice subtle red which is perfect for those work days when you want to vamp it up but not too much...

All in all I find these little 11g tins amazing, they keep my lips nice and mosturised, smell gorgeous, have a super tint just subtle enough for everyday wear and wait for it...Cost a mere £1.50!!! 

Like I say I have lots of these all over the place and at £1.50 who wouldn't!!! 

elf again you impress!!! 

Hope you found this helpful! 


  1. I also have two of this, but haven't got the time to try them out... LOL Wonder who ordered over ten different lip articles...?!?

    Do you use your finger for applying, or do you use a lip pencil?!

  2. Haha!!!

    I use my finger to apply...Always have a tissue handy to wipe off any excess!!!