Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Coral is the Colour

If you know me you will know I adore coral makeup...If you don't, I adore coral makeup!!!

I am like a magpie if it has the word coral in it I will more than likely buy it!!!
Coral is such a versatile colour and used correctly will suit any skin tone given you find the right shade. I am lucky in that being a pale English rose most coral tones suit me so I don't have to be so careful in my choosing!!!

Here are a couple of my cute coral collection

Let me introduce me in to my favorite ever nail polish...elf fire coral
elf Fire Coral Nail Polish
With a medium consistency, and a perfectly sized applicator for the 3 stroke method (one down the middle and one down either side) this is perfect even for those of us with a not so steady hand when applying polish. It is highly pigmented and defiantly not for the faint hearted, in one coat you can get a really good coverage with no streaks, I love that if I'm in a rush I can do this however for staying power I recommend two coats and a top coat, also due to the pigmentation a base coat is essential if you don't want yellow nails when you remove it (who does!!!). I always use OPI start to finish for my base and top coat and my nails pretty much always last a week which is fantastic as I dislike the boring task of removing polish!!!

A new coral favorite of mine is an eyeshadow by Models Own it, This company is a new find of mine thanks to another makeup addicted friend. I have brought some nail polishes (five!!!) which I will be talking about in the future but for now back to the eyeshadow which is Metallic Coral
Models Own Metallic Coral Eyeshadow
This comes in a glass pot and is full to the brim with gorgeously pigmented eyeshadow!!! unfortunately it doesn't come with a sifter so I purchased some separately from ebay...Cheap as chips, this isn't necessary but I know I can be messy so I decided I would save my carpet and get some!!!

I used this the other day in a coral inspired look and it was perfect, supper pigmented and really easy to blend, I actually preferred to use my fingers for this product to pack it on. would you like a tutorial on this easy coral look??? Let me know.

Models Own Metallic Coral Eyeshadow Look
I hope this blog has inspired you to catch the coral craze...Give it a go I think anyone can pull it off!!!

Elf website
Models Own website
OPI Availble in Sally's stores

*I am not affiliated with any of the mentioned companies*

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  1. Lovely! I love the colour of that eyeshadow!! Now stop going on about the nail polish so I can get my hands on some! Xxx

  2. Tis gorgeous. Think I might have to get me some ELF Fire Coral you'll be glad to read DCI Baps (Dept Coral Police International).

  3. Glad you like it girls...Had to write about my love of coral today!!! x

  4. Awesome :) Meh, I was gonna buy stuff from that modelsownit site, they said they shipped international but then they cant ship to norway after all it seems >.< really wanted nailpolishes from there!

  5. lol....bought the nail polish and the elf candid coral because of you and i love i will have to put my hands on the eyeshadow too!!!! you really are a bad girl :P